Trying to get the hang of painting a bit before I start on another piece. A Tabra relaxing outside of its den. Giant armored helicoprion kitties.


Manual Survival Mode Seven


I had this idea early this morning when some ice photography came across my dash. Didn’t get quite what I wanted but it was fun.

Kelleen seeking the solitude of the lakes near his home. In winter, hot springs are the only thing keeping his kind from freezing to death.

Ice Plains copy

Meut Reference


Needed something for my inner feelings.
She can speak, but it is usually very soft and she doesn’t do it often out of fear. She really only opens up to those who she trusts the most.

I would appreciate it if no one drew her without my permission.
Thinking about adapting this style for my lineart. It’s a little less stressful and much easier on my time.


F33dback Sketch


Character redesign for myself. 16 holographs on his back, 8 on each side. The holographs on his back, the head, the eyes, and the glowbits on his arm change color depending on his mood or what he is currently doing. The spines on his back pulse along with his heartbeat. Not flash, but pulse, sometimes it’s hard to see.

F33dback copy