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Got this adoptable from someone a few months ago and just haven’t drawn him until now. Whoops. Lineart is traditional, scanned, then colored in photoshop. Don’t remember who I bought him from though ;;

Jericho. He has no mouth on his face, but there is a hidden one in his neck fur that he uses to eat and such, but it is hidden until he opens it. It drools a vibrant green. Image of that coming soon.
His tail is bundled up but can be let down. The bead can be drawn anywhere on the tail. The inside of the bead moves like liquid, same with the eyes and the jewels on the sides.

Thinking about if I’ll keep his leg poofs or not xD


F33dback Sketch


Character redesign for myself. 16 holographs on his back, 8 on each side. The holographs on his back, the head, the eyes, and the glowbits on his arm change color depending on his mood or what he is currently doing. The spines on his back pulse along with his heartbeat. Not flash, but pulse, sometimes it’s hard to see.

F33dback copy

Bump in the Night


Commission for JerreyRough of his characters, Manovanov and Boltman, going through an “abandoned” city.

Abandoned City